Stationary swimming pool

Stationary swimming pool – doubtless attribute of luxury capable of a modest suburban house converted into a suburban villa. But at the same time it is a serious waterworks, very finansoemkoe requires precision planning and execution quality, and thus attract qualified professionals.

By appointment pool can be a sports or entertainment, in construction – open or closed. In our climatic conditions appropriate to the latter. Pool on the roof can be used all year round, and from a practical point of view it is much more convenient. Typically, homeowners some time trying to turn an outdoor pool in the indoor.

Artificial pond with light arched domes of aluminum or fiberglass – is, in fact, the same outdoor pool. This option is acceptable to the Russian winter, but needs constant care: the dome should be regularly cleaned from the snow, so they did not collapse under its weight. Capital building of the pool is more economical in maintenance and service, because the hot water requires much less energy and equipment is in benign conditions and not as likely to fail as in the case of the outdoor pool. Thus, at a substantial cost to build major pool, given the relatively low operating cost is even more advantageous. In addition, it provides an opportunity to combine under one roof the locker room, a sauna, a bathroom, a comfortable recreation room, and if desired, and a winter garden.

At the planning stage it is important to determine the pool to attach to the main building or place it away from home. But even if the buildings are united in a common set of foundation of the pool should be selected, otherwise the structure will collapse. The reason – the different shrinkage pressure.

Pools are also divided on the board and the overflow (in which the water level is flush with the floor). In the second case requires “border” of the special grooves, which poured in diving and swimming water will drain into the nearby additional capacity of large volume, and then filtered and flow back into the bowl. The organization of such a system leads to a significant rise in the cost structure. Therefore onboard pools are far more common.
Indoor pool landline can turn into a leisure complex, which includes a winter garden

The lower part of the iceberg

Considerable means the customer will have to spend on the construction of the underground part as a bowl of pool and basement. The costs vary depending on the soil type. Even before the start of the design must be pro- keep detailed geological investigations. Even normal soils may be so-called “peat pits” where the pool under unfavorable circumstances may simply fail. Therefore, experts should take the place of the proposed construction of several soil samples.

The ideal soil – sand. It will pool stable and sustainable. Soils distending (loam, clay, etc.. D.) Before the start of construction it is necessary to completely change. This significantly increases the cost of construction. Another problem – the high level of groundwater. If their level is high, you will need an additional bowl with a base thickness of 400-600 mm in the basement of. Bowl pool is set on the plate.

The main cellar should be thoroughly waterproofed both outside and inside. Outside fairly simple surface waterproofing and insulation inside – the same plus ceramic tile. Bowl pool also has an additional external and internal thermal insulation and waterproofing using inside prokleechnoy tape. There should also be full lower waterproofing. Insulation of the basement helps to avoid the accumulation of condensation on the walls of the bowl and the pool freezing in winter.
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